WWE #7 - Chris Rijksen

Chris Rijksen (1991, NL) educated as a photographer, creates visible and audible stories and possibilities for imagination, and works with his film collective The Transketeers on narrative audiovisual productions to highlight the diversity that already exists in the field of gender and identity. In telling real stories, both vulnerability and humor play a big role to create
space for the conversation.

1. Technology - Groasis

Groasis/ growboxx is a technological
improvement that gives me hope through the deforestation/desertification which is going on because of climate change - there was an interesting interview with the inventor of these in the (dutch) correspondent - someone who believes in change but also sees that it takes time, and this very physical thing which can help the people and the planet...
Gives me hope!

2. Article - ThoughtCo

  What Is Attachment Theory -> After a very interesting interview with the musical artist Sia, the fact that some of my friends have small kids, my interest was rekindled on why mental health is so different in different people. How does someone feel secure, what does that have to do with your first three years of your life, and how do you heal from an insecure attachment? Fascinating.

3. AI - DEEPface drawing

I'm deeply interested in images of faces, creating new faces, and now there is AI that helps you generate a photorealistic face from your badly drawn picture. Is it like how we meet people in our dreams that we don't know? Where does this take us?