WWE #10 - Dominique Gimberg

Dominique Michelle Gimberg (1994) is a fiction film director and editor. She graduated with honors at the Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU) in 2018 with her short film Vlam (Spark). Vlam was premiered at the Nederlands Film Festival and got selected for Palm Springs International Film Festival in 2019. Dominique is a broad-minded filmmaker. Whether it is a narrative film, video clip, commercials or a fashion film. She finds it exciting to work on different types of projects and put her own twist to them. Besides telling the story, her goal is to let the viewer experience the film. Her work is easily recognized by the colourful, poetic, flashy, humorous and fragmentary
worlds she creates.

1. Documentary - Woman with 2,500 personalities says they saved her from shocking child abuse

Lately I've been researching the mental disorder: Dissociative Identity Disorder. People with DID have multiple personalities. All of their personalities arise from trauma. Every personality has a different name, gender, age, tone of voice, mimic etc. I came across the story about Jennifer Haynes. Even though the story is brutal, I was immediately taken by it. Jeni was raped and abused by her father during her childhood years. To survive her mind came up with 2500 different personalities that she used as an army. Every personality has a specific, detailed memory of their own. She was allowed to testify in court along with 6 other personalities. If it wouldn't have been possible her dad would still be walking freely.
Her father is now sentenced to 45 years in prison.

2. Politics - The 2020 USA elections

Last week was the most nerve wracking week for me (and the rest). It was the United States Presidential Elections 2020. The battle was between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Way more people voted this year and way more people are engaged to the contestation because of Donald Trump. He is a sexsist and racist who promotes gun violence, believes climate change is a hoax and is only after making the rich richer and the poor poorer. But the worst part of his presidency is that he always spreads false information. As spokesperson to your people you have the responsibilityto provide them the right information. After several days of counting we finally have a new president and luckily it's not Donald Trump.

3. Series - Euphoria

The best thing I've seen this week is by far the series Euphoria. I watched the series twice in one week.
I love everything about it. Euphoria is a look at life for a group of high school students as they grapple with issues of drugs, sex and violence. Euphoria reminds me of the series Skins. The difference is that Euphoria is about the life and the struggles of the Gen Z teenagers. These kids grow up with a mobile phone and the internet. A big part of their social life takes place online. The teenage kids in Euphoria struggle with the same emotions, fears, coping mechanisms as we used to. The lives of Gen Z are intertwined with the online world so in essence they feel the same, they only express it differently.