WWE #6 - Dominique Van Rhee

Dominique is a multi-disciplinary creative and designer mainly working in the fields of music and events. After being responsible for design and communications at Appelsap Fresh Music Festival and PIP Den Haag for 4 years, he started working as a creative at Upmost for two years where he, among other things, published a children’s book called Barry & Bu and worked on several campaigns and brand identities. Nowadays he’s the manager of a boyband called Goldband and designer/communications manager for several other artists and a pizza brand.

1. Archive - Taxonomy of Design

Aesop is one of my favourite brands. The products, the smells, the signature stores, the packaging and the website are all in balance and exactly what a brand should be in 2020. Another great thing is ‘Taxonomy of Design’; an online archive where they celebrate their unique approach to retail. Every store is a unique space and showcases its modest products in a different way. The official Aesop website is more about their product and story, Taxonomy of Design focuses on the materials, design philosophy and collaborators.

2. Video - How did planners design Soviet cities?

  I really didn’t know the Soviets just used CTRL C + CTRL V with complete apartment blocks to solve their housing problems back in the days. I think it’s cool they worked with really functional design principles, combined with the idea that everybody should spend most of their time outside their homes to be part of
the community.

3. Series - My Brilliant Friend/L’amica Geniale

This is probably one of the best series I’ve seen recently. It’s an adaptation of the beloved novels of the mysterious Elena Ferrante who wrote about presumably her own life back in the 1950s and 1960s in Naples, Italy. It’s about Lenù and Lila growing up in a poor but vibrant Neapolitan neighbourhood. The series tells the story of a changing time and a changing city through the friendship of two girls/young women. What I really love about this series is that it takes place in a different time (which is perfectly visualised), but can be seen in the context of these times as well. Available on NPO start and HBO.