WWE #1 - James Cullen

For our first edition of WORLDWIDE EXPLORERS, we reached out to James Cullen, who works as Art Director for Ace&Tate. Known for his appreciation of all things online and digital, he’s the perfect candidate to set the tone for the series.

1. Article — The African-American Art Shaping the 21st Century

In light of recent Black Lives Matters protests I'm trying to do what I can to educate myself on the core of the problem. I'll be honest, the amount of information presented at the moment is kind of overwhelming, I did however discover this great interactive piece from the New York Times called ' The African-American Art Shaping the 21st Century' (it's from March 2020, just before Corona lockdown kicked in). Instead of diving into the work of established African American artists, they ask those artists to share the work that has inspired them and shaped the culture. From Kendrick Lamar to Glenn Ligon, it's a deeply personal primer on the state of African-American art.

2. Documentary — The Many Lives of William Klein

I knew the work of William Klein, his iconic black & white street photography that defined a gritty post-war NYC aesthetic, but I didn't know much about William Klein himself. This BBC documentary is a fascinating insight into the man behind the lens. It's from 2012 (he has since passed away) and coincided with a retrospective at the Tate Modern in London. He was a true pioneer, even the way he knew how to brand himself... ahead of its time. I went on a serious binge trying to find out more about him after watching this documentary. I highly recommend this.

3. Brand — MANTLE

There are some brands that are just driven by pure passion and authenticity, brands that have a story to tell and want to tell that story... MANTLE is one of those brands. Based in Perth, Australia I came across them on Instagram and was initially drawn in by their earthy, outdoorsy photography. When I dived in further and saw how they produced their fabrics and how they want their customers to wear their garments I was sold. Check out their stuff, the wine bag is perfect for some summer park action.