WWE #3 - Jessica van Halteren & Mila van der Linden.

Jessica van Halteren, designer for fashion label Mulas Hybrid Haus and visual artist Mila van der Linden, work together on multidisciplinary, fashion-related projects. Their latest short film “Mirror Soul”, was presented during Fashion Week 2020. Together, they aim to present new, provocative and satirical fashion stories and make those stories at least as important as the collections that are part of it.

1. Documentary — Camera/Woman

At the website of IDFA, you can find a lot of great documentaries that you can watch for free or by making a small donation. We stumbled upon Camera/Women, a documentary by director Karima Zoubir. Lately, during the making of our latest short film “Mirror Soul”, we have been talking a lot about the importance of working with a female filmteam. Camera/Women is about a woman from Casablanca, who makes a living from filming at weddings. It’s an intricate portrait of a strong woman, fighting for independence and at the same time struggling to fulfill societies expectations. We were both touched by her strong will and fearlessness.

The film industry needs more women like her!

2. Brand — Sumibu

One of the coolest fashion brands from Amsterdam. One of their founders, Georgy Dendoe, makes the craziest illustrations that just really makes their designs unique, quirky and authentic. They sell online and at Zeedijk 60, their flagship store, which they share with Bonne Suits and TNO. Check out their look books on their website as well, it’s really inspiring and cute.

3. Platform — M. Journal

M. Journal is a really interesting, independent platform with unique editorials, interviews and essays. It is connected to HOA, which is an artist-led, arts organization based in São Paulo, Brasil. Their team of contributors create very diverse content and we love the lay-out. It’s worth having a look at their platform once in a while, to read, look, and to get inspired.