WWE #11 - Rachel Morón

Rachel Morón (1995, CUR) used to call herself a writer and photographer - but now she decided to say sheʼs a visual researcher (which essentially is those two first jobs combined). She just graduated from Design Academy Eindhove with a research about templates and copy culture. As you can probably assume from that topic, sheʼs incredibly interested in the way images are circulated online and is starting to think that terms like originality and authenticity are a bit outdated (or at least, in the ways that we understand them today). Alongside her freelance work, she is part of the activist research collective We Are Not A Playground and just wants the Dutch art/design/media sector to do better.

1. Article - “ideas for a new art world”

Honestly I am sort of kind of (really) obsessed with the writing of Gabrielle de la Puente and Zarina Muhammad - better known as The White Pube. This text of theirs is one that I wanted to revisit for a while now, as it articulates my thoughts on the current state of things in the culture sector much better than I
could ever think of. It sums up a lot of my own feelings gas a recent ~ art school graduate ~. Iʼm tired of being annoyed at how rigid and resistant to change Institutions are as a whole, and am just ready to imagine a whole new damn system.

2. Video - “Watching The Pain of Others” by Chloé Galibert-Laîné

This share is super meta. Itʼs a screen grab of an online video about a documentary about online videos. Itʼs about seeing, being seen, and mayb even aboute standing witness too? I honestly have a lot of respect for Chloé, who made this documentary with such care. It stays with you long after you watch it, and the way she uses the desktop interface throughout her research into the Youtube community of people with Morgellons disease is simple yet effective.

3. Whatsapp conversation - Graphic Design is My (Momʼs friendʼs) Passion

My friend Kyara (Lucas) and I started forwarding each other the bright and positive images that our parents would send us. The funny thing is: when we started, we were being quite ironic, and making fun of them. But now, whenever I get one of these. It brightens up my day! They are SO wholesome!