WWE #8 - Rikash Gobardhan

About eighteen years ago, Rikash (partner & DOP of
E-Ville) made his first videos. As a filmmaker he getʼs his inspiration from a never ending fascination for culture in all itʼs diversity. A the moment, while finishing a documentary about clothing brand Patta, heʼs busy organizing a new visual event for young filmmakers who, just like him back in the days, could use some help. Especially in these uncertain times.

1. Media - Studio Smack

This interpretation of a paradise made by Studio Smack, makes me think of a
meeting with an old advertiser. His work is to calculate the success rate of new TV commercials, before the show up on the TV. For this, he letʼs people watch  specific commercial and measures their brain activity. During this process, al their feelings are being measured with electrodes attached to their head an send to a computer. This data tells the end result. According to the advertiser the success of these commercials depend on the right balance between gree and fear. In other words saying: I want this, I donʼt want that. In essence his vision sounds a lot like our definition of heaven and hell, donʼt you think?

2. Behind The Scenes - Mortal Kombat 1

  When the first Mortal Kombat came out in 1992, I was about eight years old. For that day and age, this video game looked quite realistic and a bit dark. Becaus of all the blood I never dared to play it. But since Iʼve seen the making off I think itʼs actually quite funny.

3. Car - BMW E30

In my teenage years I promised my mother that I will someday buy her a BMW E30. But last year I found out about the fact she doesnʼt even like this car. Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups I would say.