WWE #12 - Rob Maatman

Rob (1990) lives in The Hague since 1,5 years and really enjoys living close to the beach. Rob is a professional skateboarder who, among other brands, rides for Vans and Pop Trading Company. Which he’s happy to skate for as they are still able to organise some trips and make things happen for their riders, even with COVID. Rob started skateboarding when he was around 11 years old and never gave up after stepping on the board for the first time. He has been skating all over the world for contests and travels to make video’s and shoot photo’s for his sponsors. Obviously, he skates and other people shoot the photo’s and videos. He’s basically a skateboarding billboard.

1. Music - Yeelen Mixtape

This is a mixtape of my good friend Yeelen Moens, who I think has an amazing taste in music. I have been listening to this one a lot to get in a good mood and to hype myself up to go out and skate with friends!

2. Chess - Online Chess Explenation

I’ve been wanting to learn how to play chess for a while now and got a real nice chessboard for my birthday. I’ve been learning and playing with my girl lately. She beats me every time, but I’m learning!

3. Meditation - Building Mental Muscles

I’ve been into meditation for a while now and really think it’s helping me become stronger and to have a clearer mind during the day. Especially this one works well for me. But I believe just taking 5 minutes for yourself to focus on your breathing and being will help a lot of people already!