WWE #2 - Shari Klein.

Responsible for all partnerships and sales at Amsterdam-based music platform Subbacultcha. Besides her work at Subba, she explores the field of sexuality and erotisicm. Currently developing a new concept that she hopes to launch by the end of the year. Shari is also a voice actor for almost 10 years and has been writing short poems about sexual and erotic encounters she has had in her life.

1. Documentary — Stonewall Forever, a documentary about the past, present and future of pride

I've been diving deeper into subjects around the black queer movement. As a queer woman myself, I have found I don't actually know as much about the history of pride and how it actually started. I have also come to learn while Stonewall is remembered as the riot that sparked the gay liberation movement as we know it, other riots came before it. Most in protest of unwarranted police surveillance and brutality against disenfranchised queer people of color. The first to have occured in May 1959, after law inforcement arrested LGBTQ+ folx without probable cause as they hung out at the gay-friendly donut shop. Learning more about the history of pride and that it once started as a riot and demonstration, is something more of us should be aware of. I believe this will also help understand the position of queer (and) BIPOC.

2. Audio — Dipsea Stories

I have been interested in the field of sexuality for quite some time now. Aren't we all really.. but I am educating myself to the level of one day being able to start my own business in sexual well-being and erotic education. The past years I have been collecting a range of sex positive initiatives that focus on sexual pleasure. One of them is Dipsea Stories: sexy audio stories that not only 'spark your imagination' (quoting Dipsea themselves), but also have a great educational character to them. I check out new stories they have on a regular basis...and yes, it's definitely giving me pleasure!

3. Journalism — De Groene Amsterdammer

De Groene Amsterdammer has been around since 1877. Just let that sink in. That's 143 years. 143 years of great journalism that always looks for new perspectives and has a greatly diverse team of writers they work with. In Dutch you'd say de Groene has ‘geen fratsen’. They focus on what matters and get right to the point of subjects they write about. There are new articles to read on a weekly, sometimes daily basis, it helps me stay sane and shines perspective on the things happening in the world today. Support them. They need it.