WWE #5 - Soortkill

Soortkill, which is Smibanese for ‘type of guy’. According to him, his real name doesn’t matter.
What Smibanese is? The way he speaks, and the language people speak in the Bijlmer. He’s one of the founders of SMIB WORLDWIDE, a local platform from the Bijlmer with a global mindset and operations. They’re the jedi’s from the hood, best believe that. Soortkill is mostly known for his work as a writer.
In the last three years he published two dictionary’s and a magazine. The books were about the Smibanese language, basicly architected like every dictionary you can imagine. The magazine was  a representation of what was going through his mind at that time, called the Smibaneser Magazine. With this whole Smibanese thing Soortkill is living in his own imagination because according to him, the world how we commonly know
it doesn’t deserve his participation.

1. Music — ODB & Method Man interview

Very often I just go back in time and watch sum’ interviews of certain people who’s thought proces catch my interest. Like for me, through hearing I can grasp a lot of someone’s thought proces and from that point I can implement it within my thinking. Due to a music project we’re working on with SMIB I was on my old school Hiphop shit, that’s why I was looking at some old Wu-Tang footage.

2. Mythology — Bastet 

  When I was young I grew up on the idea that black cats were evil. ‘They’ said that crossing a black cats path would lead to misfortune. The last few weeks I’ve been doing research about what people call ‘Acient Egypt’ and their mythology and this was something I came across.

3. Music — Slum Village ft. Kanye West & John Legend - Selfish

If it comes down to music I’m barely aware of everything that’s coming out nowadays. Like, I see shit, but it doesn’t really grasp my attention. Usually I’m just diggin somewhere on youtube. Yesterday I found a video of this song which I never knew existed.