WWE #9 - Timothy Voges

Timothy is an artist making work with found images from the mid 20th century. His works (transfer collages and paintings) are of decontextualized images which in turn create a snapshot of a moment in times that have never existed. Playing with the idea of the past, memory and nostalgia.

1. Language - Stemmen Van Afrika

My native language is Papiamentu. I grew up speaking it and never gave it a second thought. I was curious about it and decided to look up its origins. Here I found out as well about its connection to Cape Verdian creole. It's quite an interesting read (despite a few misspellings of some of the words). Papiamentu remains one of the most thriving creole languages, mainly because Dutch never got the overhand, compared to English in Jamaica, or French in Haiti.

2. Research - En Het Water Was Een Muur

I was reading Here I Am by Jonathan Safran Foer, he's one of my favorite writers. In this book he mentioned an Eruv. A symbolic border surrounding an area, allowing Jews to carry their possessions in public on Shabbath. I've never heard of this before and naturally wanted to know if this existed in Amsterdam too. For the Amsterdam Jews, the city walls used to indicate the Eruv, but when the city grew they installed chains across bridges and later they used Shabbath poles, of which only one still remains. While I was researching this, I stumbled upon this website, where Richard Bank and Saskia Aukema turned the Amsterdam Eruv border into an art work.

3. Video - What Lies Beneath

Last but not least, my most watched channel on Youtube. Besides having the most relaxing videos, I actually learn alot about painting and technique, even if the channel is about restauration work.